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The best industrial high-pressure pumps in the cleaning industry. For more than 30 years the HAWK name has meant one thing: Quality. Long life, minimal maintenance and high reliability are HAWK pumps normal perfomances. Every component of HAWK high-pressure pumps has been carefully engineered, crafted and tested to exceed the rigorous demands of the cleaning industry.

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Grow service revenue with world-class
lifecycle service and support.


We have an Authorized Repair Centre for overhaul of all your pumps, and Redesign of existing pumps. We use only Original Equipment parts from the manufacturer professionals staff from technicians to engineering to customer service, are highly trained and knowledge of the product, You can rely on repaired Pumps to run like new when you reinstall them, minimizing downtime and costs. All pumps are repaired and tested according to the latest specifications to ensure best performance.


At service center, disassembly and reassembly procedures are performed using safe work procedures. Following disassembly, your unit is moved to the clean up . Our Engineering department will then inspect and study the unit, first for diagnosis of failure, then to carry on with the best possible repair procedures. Our engineers will also recommend available upgrades to increase reliability and efficiency for your application. Once we developed and submitted a detailed scope of work, including applicable upgrades, the unit is transferred to repairing department where our staff will perform the needed repairs and applicable modifications. Quality control checks are performed during the repairing process. Finally our quality assurance department performs a thorough final inspection prior to sending your.